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Mentee Sign-up Sheet for Training Session

Dear Mentees, if you are interested in attend a Witness Fitness training session. Please remember to fill in this form 7 days before your desired date of the training session. We will send you an email of confirmation in due course.

Do you have a yoga mat at home?

Thanks for submitting!

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Mentor Sign-up Sheet

Dear Mentors, 
Thank you for taking the initiative to become a mentor of Witness Fitness. Please fill in the form below so that we can know more about you.

How often can you lead a training session?

Thanks for submitting!

How It Works/ Sign Up: Job Application

How It Works

How the Witness Fitness training session works: 

Before the session: Prepare sufficient water and a yoga mat. Find an open area in your apartment. 

During the session: Login to Zoom and turn the camera on. Follow the mentor's exercise routines. 

How to sign up to be a student/ mentee: Mentees can sign up at least 7 days prior to the actual zoom session via the sign-up sheet below. Once the time and date of the session is confirmed, a zoom link and password will be sent to the mentees’ emails. Details of the training session, i.e. the name of the mentor, a preview of the workout routine, materials to prepare, etc. will also be included in the email. Towards the end of the session, mentors will provide a short evaluation on the mentees’ performance. Please note that training sessions are flexible and students can sign up whenever they are free. 

How to sign up to be a mentor: Should you wish to be a mentor, please fill in the form. Thank you!

How It Works/ Sign Up: How It Works
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