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More Information on Witness Fitness

Sample Workout Sessions

Click here to find out more about the exercise program for the Witness Fitness training sessions

Sample of Parental Consent Form

This form will be sent to the parents of interested Witness Fitness mentees in the reply email. Click here to see a sample of the consent form.

Sample of Session Confirmation

This form will be sent to the mentees' emails when they sign up for a Witness Fitness training session.

Sample of Liability Release for Witness Fitness

This form is a sample of the liability release for Witness Fitness. This will be sent to the parents' emails when interested mentees apply for Witness Fitness training sessions.

More Info: Files

Give Us Your Feedback

Do you have any suggestions on how Witness Fitness can improve? Please give us your feedback! Thank you.

Thanks for submitting!

More Info: Feedback Form
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