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Motto: Witness your Fitness through Social Sports 

Witness Fitness hopes to: ​​

  • Improve students' physical health by  incorporating sports into their daily lives 

  • Develop students' confidence and competence in doing sports 

  • Develop students' interest in doing sports by making training sessions highly interactive 

  • Create a comfortable English-speaking environment through fun training sessions 

  • Recruit mentors who are passionate about sports and positive in mind

More about our vision... 

Most kids today are academically driven. A typical student attends school from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rigorous learning at school is followed by revision and homework after school. For a lot of students, they even have to attend supplementary lessons or tutorials, leaving them little time to exercise. The well-rounded, healthy personal development of students is often neglected in their adolescent years.

This problem is exacerbated with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, most students in Asia are confined to their cramped homes, where they have minimal opportunities to exercise and maintain their physical health.

Furthermore, the opportunities for most students to speak in English with others are also reduced as they may not be exposed to an English-speaking environment as frequently as before the pandemic.

Witness Fitness provides customised online (live) workout tutorials in English. It is hoped that students will have an enhanced interest in doing exercise voluntarily through step-by-step zoom sessions with student mentors. In the meantime, mentors and mentees are encouraged to converse in English. This provides a platform for the mentees to be exposed to an English-speaking environment and increases their confidence, as well as competence in speaking in English.

Objectives: Welcome
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