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Welcome Note 

Welcome to Witness Fitness! I am Nicole, a senior student studying in Hong Kong. Besides being an eager learner, I am also a competitive distance runner and the captain of my school’s Division 1 Cross Country Team. I am also a competent swimmer, skier and golfer and basically enjoy all sports.

I created Witness Fitness because I wanted more people to understand that being physically fit starts with the courage to try. In primary school, I was the tall, skinny girl that ran like a newborn giraffe. I had horrible coordination and lacked endurance when I ran. I could barely run two laps on the track and when I did, I would be short of breath. Sad, I know, but believe me, when you make a commitment to keep working at it and believe in yourself, you will see improvement before you know it.

For me, I worked out regularly at home during school suspension (COVID) and focused on strength training and improving my agility. I learned to gradually increase my repetitions and incorporated harder routines into my training. When I felt my balance and strength was adequate, I started to run. First, it was just a couple of laps around the track. It soon evolved to 2km, 5km, then to 10 km. Looking back, I can't help but smile at the progress I had made during the long (and at times grueling) six months of on-and-off schooling when I was able to run 10K at a time -- enjoyably. I am not saying exercising is easy, but if you commit to it, you will witness your fitness transformation and become a healthier and more athletic version of yourself. Don’t let the pandemic restrain you, exercising can start right here, right now, in your home. How easy is that?

Chung Nicole Mong Joo

Witness Fitness - Founder

Welcome Note : How It Works
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